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Affordable Housing in Utah

Affordable Housing In Utah

It’s a problem that is NOT going away

Utah is facing an affordable housing problem. The issue is very significant in St. George and all of Washington county.

The John Hook Team is especially concerned about our first time home buyers. We want them to understand this issue will be NOT getting better and that THE Growing housing gap in Utah is something they need to consider. One big piece of advise we want to share is have reasonable expectations and  take your budget into consideration when choosing your first home.

We understand you want all the bells and whistles but if your current budget does not allow for things like a three car garage, granite or brand new construction it is ok.

Start with what you can afford and have a plan to upgrade over time. Do not wait until you can afford everything you dream for or the parade will likely pass you by.

John Hook and his wife started many years ago with a 700 hundred square foot home that did not even have a garage.  It was old but it was home. They now have a bigger nicer home with a garage but they had to start somewhere.

You should do the same and start where you can.

Here are some great videos and from the Utah Association of REALTORS®.  The important thing is to work with your John Hook Team, KYRO REALTOR® to make a plan based on reasonable financial and market expectations and we can grow together over the years.

John Hook

Click here to go to Utahhousinggap.COM